Medical Tells you No!

Doctors have enough to say No!

               “Two in one week “Shake my head” having a pre existing condition, in the middle of going through my changes, The doctor said do you have back problems, because there is a cyst hitting your nerve ! ‘”OH'”okay ! I want to give you thirty days and come back, let’s see the progress of it, said the Doctor ! I made an appointment for 30 days after that visit, the office was calling to confirm the appointment, I thought wow they are calling a lot for a conformation, mind you 20 years with this doctor , so I Called back.
               To my Surprise they tell me they no longer accept your coverage , so we can’t see you anymore good luck ! I said what? Wait! I want to speak to my Doctor, as I am demanding to speak to the doctor, in which the office did not want me too , he does call me back and tells me I would help you find another doctor, that you don’t have to pay ! Really Doc, What makes you think I would not Pay my balance an option you had not given me , Money over Health , SAD!