Once in your life you may run into someone who will directly or indirectly brive you! I have encountered an adult who while they were young lived in my house,  ate my food, spent my money, dare with no respect take more out of selfishness. So many times throughout your life you hear quote “what goes up, must come down” or ” if you spit into the wind it will come back and hit you in the face”. It is time, as people call it karma and with this karma should it take you out of your character to act as they?


Medical through a patient’s eyes

Seventeen years ago, i underwent a fifteen hour operation that reconstructed my normal anatomy. A good Doctor out of New York City, saved my life and told me what he had done would last fifteen years. I felt good i continued to live my life with a disability, mind strong. Mind Strong is a term i use to over power the several emotions i have encountered during this life threatening medical condition i have endured. I use my own life, and things around me to elevate my mood to tremendous heights! you may have heard this word “Enthrallment” before, this Psychology professor W. Gerrod Parrott broke it down for us. I would look in the sky and see the color blue you couldn’t achieve with a crayon, walk by a rose and smell it, as no smell found in a bottle. I have elevated my own mood to a tremendous height that any person or persons that knew my life threatening condition and whom didn’t know of this threat, thought  i was just as normal as anyone of them.

Those bad EMOTION kicked in again when i found myself with a pain i couldnt handle without medical assistance. Here it is 17 years after being told 15 years was all it would be to the operation working.

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