Hello world!

Hi Everyone,

I started this blog for a few reason, the first reason is that i am the one in millions that has this rare liver disorder, as it was man made. I would love to share my story with many whom would like to know, just like many others in the situation of being told you’re gonna die and “we are sorry we can’t help you”!  I was a guinea pig for a machine and technology that has have saved many of lives since.

Also I was married for 17 years with four children aging from 10 to 17 at the time of my sickness, falling victim to not just my body and the medical teams, i fell victim to my husband whom didn’t want a sick women and left me. I again became a victim to vulnerability, to medical medication, legally medicated  and no understanding to the response of such meds,took years after to get my vision back, but not fully.

My passion, is children, my view is this, if you were a child when i was already grown up than no matter how old you are today to me you are still young. I am Italian and love to cook and through my food you would find the true meaning of Love! I am very talented and sometimes would sell some items from my blog.

Happy blogging!


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